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The Eternal Allure of Personality Testing | The New Yorker

Producer, Editor, Additional Cinematographer

A look at why humans, from Aristotle to Freud, seek to classify, categorize, and understand the self.

What Popcorn and Vaping Have in Common | The New Yorker

Director and Producer

Popcorn has been a quintessential part of the American movie theater experience for decades. But the crunchy, buttery snack has a convoluted history wrapped up in mass marketing, flavor engineering, and even a connection to vaping.

Designing A Book Cover | Penguin Random House

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Lynn Buckley, a book cover designer at Penguin Random House, discusses her career, her design process, and gives a look at an upcoming project. 

Tables of Contents: A Culinary Reading Series | Penguin Random House

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

The restaurant Egg in Brooklyn holds a monthly event called

Tables of Contents where authors give readings, and dishes based on

passages from their books are served. Chef Evan Hanczor shares 

an inside look at the dinner series, featuring authors

Adam Gopnik, Victor LaValle, and Sarah Gerard.

A Conversation in America's Most Metal Cemetery |

Atlas Obscura


Step inside America's most metal cemetery. Atlas Obscura's Ella Morton and Caitlin Doughty from The Order of the Good Death discuss the Most Holy Trinity Cemetery, and its attempt to enforce a posthumous equality.

Book Are Magic : Author Emma Straub’s New Bookstore | Penguin Random House

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Author Emma Straub gives a tour and inside look at her new bookstore Books Are Magic, which recently opened in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood. 

How Air Plants Grow Without Soil | The New Yorker

Director and Producer


Air plants have no stems and don’t require soil to grow. They’re also related to . . . pineapples? We explore the ways in which air plants, or the genus Tillandsia, are much more than a millennial hobby—they're one of nature’s continually evolving species, and they’re an obsession that connects people all over the world.

Discovering Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Migration |

Atlas Obscura


As winter gives way to spring, monarch butterflies leave the safety of their wintering grounds in central Mexico and migrate north. Places like the El Rosario butterfly sanctuary are perfect for marveling at the millions of monarch butterflies, as well as the history behind them.

O Fortuna is Getting Old | Slate

Producer and Editor

Some of Hollywood’s most memorable scenes have been elevated to their iconic statuses by their musical backing. But when so many scenes use the same works, the pieces lose significance, becoming formulaic and clichéd musical choices. We investigate this phenomenon of overusing classical music’s greatest hits, considering the role of the music supervisor and the value of using lesser-known works.

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