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Narmin's Birthday

NB No Budge.jpg

15-year-old Narmin and her 84-year-old grandmother Ismat share a bedroom in their family’s South Brooklyn apartment. As Narmin plans her sweet sixteen birthday party to be as "American" as possible, Ismat observes and reckons with a world that is unfamiliar to her. 

Available upon request

Official Selection:

  • Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2019

  • Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2019, Festival Jury Runner-Up Award

  • NoBudge 2020

Directors: Lydia Cornett & Jenny Groza
Cinematography: Lydia Cornett & Jenny Groza
Sound: Lydia Cornett & Jenny Groza
Editor: Ansh Vohra
Sound Mixer: Mike Towndrow
Additional Cinematography: Ansh Vohra

Supported by the 2018 UnionDocs Collaborative Studio and the 2018 NYC Women's Fund for Theatre, Film & Television

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