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Home for the Moment

Home for the Moment is a new song and EP by Baltimore singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julien Chang. 

FINAL_HFTM_Still7 (1)_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Written and Performed by Julien Chang

Mastered by Katie Tavini

Director and Editor - Lydia Cornett

Producers - Lydia Cornett and Julien Chang

Director of Photography - Sophia Feuer

1st AC - Seth Herzog

Gaffer - Larry Flores

Production Manager - Charlotte Maher Levy

Additional Cinematography - Lydia Cornett

Production Assistant - Tommy Waldo

Consulting Editor - Chris Osborn

Colorist - Lanee Bird

Traversing various locations in Baltimore, the music video for Home for the Moment is an inventory of the emotions that inhabit familiar spaces. Through the juxtaposition of digital and DV cam footage, the video is a reflection on the restless, uncertain and in-between moments of an artistic life. 

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